Postponed to 2022


ASB Showgrounds

Hear what our exhibitors have to say!


Mark Lewis, National Sales Manager | Supreme Heating

It’s the best show that I have been to and I have been coming to this show for quite a few years now in various different roles. We are very happy with the show and we have also taken a lot of quality leads.


Ray Formosa, Director | Fencing Solutions

As a first time exhibitor who was somewhat reluctant to exhibit, I am so glad that I was convinced to do it as the show has been fantastic – well exceeded my expectations. Some of the visitors are ready to install now and some in 4-6 months. A real benefit has been the networking with the pool builders and spa companies as in the past I never been able to get through to the owners but being here at the show has allowed me to speak to them face to face which is good for my business. The results have been tenfold to what I expected.


Eddie Lloyd, Marketing Manager | Theralux

The show has been great with constant traffic. We have taken over 140 quality leads in the last couple of days. This year a lot of owner/builders are coming through and you also have consumers who are probably 2 to 4 months away from putting the pool in the ground.


John Stroud, Sales Consultant | Local Pools & Spas

The show has been extremely good. 78% to 80% of people coming through this year seem to be a lot more serious about purchasing a pool whether or not their house has been constructed. A number of people are putting their pool in prior to construction. All in all a very good response.


Daniel Maher, Sales Executive | Remco

The customers have been great and we have some really strong leads and also good networking with the builders – very good indeed.


Louise Pontello, General Manager | Better Pools & Spas

The show has been fantastic this year with a lot of people coming in who are building houses or doing renovations. The visitors are ready to buy now and know exactly what they want. The quality of the leads has been fantastic.


Justin Nicholas, Marketing Services Manager | Cooke Industries

The show has been fantastic this year with a lot more traffic and a lot more interest in our product. People seem to be more educated about swimming pools this year than previous years. These shows really works for us as it gives us the opportunity to talk to the consumer who can then tell the builder what product they want in their pool. The public are becoming better educated and want to have more input into what is installed.


Rob Kruber, National Operations Manager | Just Spas

The show has been good with a steady stream of qualified people coming in with a lot of interest in our product. I would say that 80% of the people coming through are ready to make a decision.


Darren Ettridge, Director | Vogue Pergolas

The show has been surprisingly busy and we could have done with a couple of more sales people on the stand. So far the feedback has been great with plenty of leads. I will definitely be doing the show again as I am also a builder and I can mix in with the pool builders which means we can feed off them and pass work onto each other and this is great for our company


Lisa Kolanovic, Director | Pebble Masters

The show has been great with a lot of interest from visitors to get things down now which give us plenty of work over the winter months in time for next summer.


Jackie Lindgreen, Director | Dreamscapes

The show has been excellent with a lot of enquiries which has kept us very busy. We feel the show was a lot busier this year and definitely will have this show on our calendar each year.


Paula Cowell-Yench, Director | Europe Imports

The show was absolutely fantastic with brilliant leads and all genuine.


Michelle Lorree, Co-Owner & Sales Manager | Splashes Spa World

We had 6 sales people working on the stand who were flat out most of the time. A lot of quotes given out and I would know as I did 50% of those which were all genuine and will give a good result. This year there were more serious buyers than in previous years.


Ali Baygan, Director | PDM Stone

This show was much better this year with most of the visitors being owner/builders and serious buyers who are planning the next 7-8 months so they will come back to our showroom where can discuss at length their requirements. Yes, very pleased with the outcome of this year.


David Abdul, Director | Spa World

The show has been great for us this year and I am very happy with the results, which is good for us - definitely back next year.


Carl Ager, General Manager | JGID - Co-Exhibitor with Wagtail Cleaning Tools

This is the first time exhibiting at this show and I have been pleased with the numbers and certainly with the trade buyers from our point of view - the show has certainly met our expectations so far. From Wagtail’s point of view there have been a lot of consumers and many leads to follow up.


Mick Thomas, Director | Bali Oasis

The show has been very productive with the interest being of a high quality. There seems to be more people this year and the setup is a lot better.


Corey Schelb, Director | Pioneer Shade Constructions

We have got pretty good feedback so far and believe we will get quite a few sales out of this. I have a good feeling based on those responses